Ingersoll Rand Refrigerated Air Dryer ( Non- Cycling) 100 CFM 115-1-60 Hz


High Pressure Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 88-1200 m3/hr
Designed specifically for high pressure applications, Ingersoll Rand’s high pressure non-cycling refrigerated dryers are built to ensure that you maintain superior air quality even in the most demanding environments. A fully integrated three-in-one heat exchanger and an easy to use digital microprocessor controller ensure reliable operation day after day. Our variable speed fan and superior heat transfer maximize dryer efficiency to reduce energy costs. Paired with low GWP refrigerants to help you operate sustainably, high pressure non-cycling refrigerated dryers provide the reliability, efficiency and sustainability you expect from Ingersoll Rand.

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  • High Pressure Reliability: Designed for demanding environments like PET applications with rugged features like a stainless steel, fully integrated three-in-one heat exchanger and a timed drain control to ensure maximum uptime
  • Superior Air Quality: Consistent dew point control ensures clean, dry air at all times
  • Lower Energy Costs: Fully integrated three-in-one heat exchanger coupled with variable speed fan reduces energy consumption
  • Sustainable Design: Environmentally friendly, lower GWP R513A refrigerant available in select models (up to 360m3/h) to reduce CO2 footprint
  • Enhanced Serviceability: Fully integrated three-in-one heat exchanger, variable speed fan control, and stainless steel componentry simplify maintenance requirements
  • Total Control: Easy to use controller automatically manages dryer operation while monitoring critical parameters for optimum air treatment and efficiency