Hydro-Rain1 GPH PC Dripper

The Ceta Pressure Compensating dripper with turbulent flow, from Antelco, is available in three flow rates. These pressure compensating drip emitters with a 0.16″ spout and pre-set discharge rates are designed for optimal performance with inlet pressures ranging from 5 PSI to 50 PSI. They will open at lower pressure but may not regulate to the precise flow rate listed. The barbed inlet fits 1/4″ micro-tubing (.170″ ID x .250″ OD).

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  • Comes apart for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimize blockages
  • Available flow rates: .5 GPH, 1 GPH, & 2 GPH
  • Colored bases to identify flow rates


Cleaning Can be disassembled for cleaning
Emitter Type Button
Fitting Size 0.16″ barb for 1/4″ micro-tubing
Operating Pressure 5 to 50 PSI
Pressure Compensation Yes


3021-Tempo Zebra Adjustable Emitter Specs