Hydro-Rain Valve Box Platform w/ Removable Pipe Windows


Orbit’s Valve Box Platform is a perfect substitute for current valve box stabilization methods including bricks or wood blocks or none at all.

Each platform is provided with “knockouts” that align perfectly with the Preassembled Valve Manifolds and the 1217 Valve Box. Two “Mouse Hole” covers are provided with each platform which upon installation are removed and placed over the ends of the 1217 valve box inlet and outlet keeping dirt out during the back-fill process.

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  • High-Density Polyethelyne–Non saturatable material not suseptable to water damage.
  • Universal Size–Fits most brands standard 1217 valve boxes.
  • Stabilizes Valve Box–Removes the need for conventional stabilization methods using brick or wood.
  • Knock-Out Slots–Valves and Pipes align perfectly with each slot for easy clean installation. Valve box is supported by the Platform–not the pipes!
  • Mainline Access Provided–Insall the mainline at the back of the box-where it should be.