Hydro-Rain HRP-100 1″ Professional Valve Flow Control PVC-Lock


This model of the HRP 100 Push-Fit valve is for use with 1″ Blu-Lock® Sprinkler Pipe on the outflow side for the fastest and greenest irrigation installation process ever. Use the easy PVC-Lock Manifold Tee on the inlet side of this valve for convenience and ease of repairs with no parts to glue in place. Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do with Blu-Lock. With the Blu-Lock system you don’t need primer, glue or clamps.

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  • Push-Fit Glueless design for a fast clean installation
  • Strong, injection-molded diaphragm that exceeds industry standards for strength, flexibility, and durability
  • Glass-filled Polypropylene Lid for extra strength
  • Self-cleaning Solenoid Filter with Pilot-flow 90-mesh (200 micron)
  • Internal Bleed Solenoid makes manual operation (at the valve) easy and spray free



8119-Blu-Lock Spec Sheet

8119-HRP-100 Spec