Hydro-Rain Dual Branch Reducing Tee


Drip-lock In-line 2 port Manifold is used in-line on your 1/2″ poly tubing wherever you want to add runs of 1/4″ PE micro-tubing or dripline to plants that are farther away from the lateral line.

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  • Patented design is 100% tool and chemical free
  • All ½” fittings are releasable and reusable with the Drip-Lock® release collar
  • Low insertion force makes installation quick and easy
  • Drip-Lock® technology ensures lower friction loss for better water efficiency
  • Built tough fittings made from UV-resistant ABS, stainless steel and EPDM seals
  • Designed for use with Polyethylene (PE) tubing. May not seal well with Vinyl tubing


1/2″ Tubing Compatibility Range .630″ (16 mm) – .710″ (18mm) OD
1/4″ Micro-tubing Size .245″ – .250″ OD
Burst Pressure Exceeds 100 psi
Operating Pressure Range 0-50 PSI



1 Year, Limited