Hydro-Rain 3/4″ Blu-Lock Release Tool


The Blu-Lock release tool makes changing out Blu-Lock fittings a snap! Use the correct size Blu-Lock Release Tool to easily remove the blu-Lock fitting from the Blu-Lock tubing. Slip the tool over the tubing, then slide it down inside the fitting to release the gripping teeth from the tubing.

Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is the fastest, greenest, irrigation installation method in the world.

Hydro-Rain offers a new and better way for sprinkler installation. Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock. With the Blu-Lock system you don’t need primer, glue or clamps. HydroRain’s patented “Push-and-Go” design means 100% tool and chemical free approach cutting installation time in half. True System Integration” means total compatibility of fittings, pipe, manifolds, valves, saddles, etc. Outside diameter (OD) technology ensures lower friction loss for better efficiency. Plus, it is more environmentally friendly! The recyclable HDPE tubing construction and chemical free installation protects you and the environment.

*Blu-Lock is for non-constant pressure, valve-out, cold water, outdoor direct burial irrigation connections only.

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8107-Blu-Lock Specs