Hydro-Rain 2-in-1 Drip Filter & 30 Psi Regulator 1″ X 1″ NPT


HRZ 100 2-in-1 MPT (male pipe thread) drip filter and pressure regulator combo stands in the market as one of the industry’s best “one piece” low flow irrigation filter and regulator combinations, compact enough to fit in a 6″ round valve box! On the outside, the 2-in-1 threaded models move away from their competitions traditional plastic construction, to a design of strength and durability featuring commercial grade glass-filled nylon. Inside, the 2-in-1 threaded models can handle water flow as low as 0.1 GPM and pressure up to 80 PSI. The 2-in-1 threaded models offer 30 PSI pressure regulation, a 200 mesh filter, and are “drip-ready” with an optional .700″ tubing adapter for a quick and easy connection to 1/2″ (.700″ OD) drip tubing.

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  • One-piece construction combines low flow irrigation filter and pressure regulator – reduces installation time
  • Jar-Top style filter is easily maintained, no tools required for service
  • HRZ-100 models feature pressure regulation at 30 PSI
  • Includes 200 mesh filter screen and easy-flush service cap for quick and easy cleaning
  • Includes a .700″ tubing adapter for quick and easy out of the package connection to your ½” (.700″ OD) poly drip tubing
  • Durable glass-filled nylon construction for years of reliable operation

Always install pressure regulators downstream from all shut-off valves. Be sure to install pressure regulators in the proper direction. The arrow on the housing shows the direction of the flow and should always point downstream toward emitters.

Irrigation pressure regulators need outflow and back pressure to regulate the pressure within your irrigation system. With no water flowing through the regulator, the inlet and outlet pressures will measure the same. To verify the pressure maintained in your system, you will need to place a pressure gauge at the end of one of zones, turn the zone on, let it pressurize and once the lines have filled and emitters begin to flow then take the reading. This will reflect the working pressure within your system.