ChampLub Synthetic Plus Case Pack 12-Quarts


ChampLub lubricants are specifically formulated, factory tested lubricants for Champion reciprocating compressors, providing the right lubricant for efficient operation.

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ChampLub Synthetic Plus
A full synthetic, all temperature diester lubricant designed for use in
Champion reciprocating compressors to reduce wear and carbon buildup,
ChampLub Synthetic Plus has the following benefits:
■ Performs four times longer than petroleum based lubricants
■ High temperature thermal stability will not disassociate under
thermal stress
■ Reduced friction—approximately 20% lower coefficient of friction
■ Greater resistance to mechanical stress will not shear under heavy loads
or extreme stress
■ Better demulsibility characteristics—moisture separates readily,
providing better rust and corrosion protection
■ Greater performance in extreme temperatures
■ Increased energy efficiency
■ Non-toxic/non-hazardous


ChampLub Air Compressor Oil Specifications


ChampLub Air Compressor Oil

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