CAT Pumps Unloader Brass, Model 7582, Min. Flow 0.5 GPM-Max. Flow 8 GPM, Min Pressure 100 PSI-Max. Pressure 1000 PSI


Model: 7582

This Pressure Regulating Unloader is designed for single gun or pump operation. This unloader maintains set system pressure and goes into by-pass with the release of the trigger or an obstruction downstream. The pressure sensitive feature permits a wide range of flows and quickly resumes full pressure when the gun is opened or the obstruction cleared. Do not use with a weep gun system. Panel mount bracket available.


• Provides system pressure setting and protection for single gun non-weep and single pump installation.
• Can be configured as a relief valve by removing the check valve from discharge fitting.
• Pressure sensitive feature permits wide range of flows and immediate pressure when gun opens.
• Adjusting cap permits easy adjustments of pressure.
• Panel mount bracket available.


Technical Specifications
Max Flow 8 gpm / 30 lpm
Min Flow 0.5 gpm / 1.9 lpm
Max Pressure 1000 psi
Inlet Port Size 3/8″ NPT(M)
Discharge Port Size 3/8″ NPT(M)
Accessory Type Unloaders
Material Brass
By-Pass Port 3/8″ NPT(F)


CAT Unloader Model 7582 Data Sheet


Cat Pumps Limited Warranty