CAT Pumps, Seal Kit Model 76968 for Model 4SP21ELR Plunger Pump


Seal Kit

CAT Pumps Seal Kit 76968 includes High- and Low-Pressure Seals, O-Rings, and Washer Seals, replacement parts for 4SP21ELR Plunger Pump.


Seal Kit Includes:

  • 3 ~ Washer, Seal-90D, Part Number: 46730
  • 3 ~ Seals, Low-Pressure with S-Spring, Part Number: 43222
  • 3 ~ Seals, High-Pressure, (SNG) Special Blend (Buna), Part Number: 547157
  • 3 ~ O-Rings, Seal Case-70D, Part Number: 13977

Made of Durable NBR (medium nitrite BUNA-N) rubber unless otherwise specified.



CAT Pumps Data Sheet 4SP21ELR Model Direct Drive Plunger Pumps

CAT Pumps Service Manual 4SP Plunger Pumps


Cat Pumps Limited Warranty