CAT Pumps Pulsation Dampener – Rebuildable – FPM, 316 Stainless Steel, Model 701543, Max. Flow 75 GPM, Min. Pressure 100 PSI-Max. Pressure 3000 PSI

Model: 701543 ~ Call For Pricing

This pulsation dampener is designed to reduce pressure fluctuations or pulsation common in all positive displacement pump systems. It must be nitrogen pre-charged prior to installation on the discharge side of the pump. It is a replaceable bladder design constructed of 316SS with an FPM bladder for special fluid compatibility. It will prolong the life of the pump and system components by reducing pulsation to + or- 3%. [See optional NBR and EPDM versions]


• Rebuildable and rechargable.
• Optional bladder materials for liquid compatibility and 316 stainless steel construction for strength and liquid compatibility.
• Convenient rebuildable style with top access permits replacing bladder without disturbing plumbing.
• Nitrogen precharged to eliminate moisture and provide smooth bladder compression and pressure release.
• Absorbs system shocks while minimizing excessive pipe vibration, water hammering and pressure fluctuations.


Technical Specifications
Max Flow 75 gpm / 284 lpm
Max Pressure 3000 psi
Inlet Port Size 1″ NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 1″ NPT(F)
Accessory Type Pulsation Dampeners
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Bladder Material FPM


CAT Pulsation Dampener Models 701501_701543 Data Sheet


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