CAT Pumps Pressure Regulator Brass, Model 7080, Max. Flow 8 GPM, Min. Pressure 145 PSI-Max. Pressure 1450 PSI


Model: 7080

This Pressure Regulator is designed for single or multiple pump, weep or multi-nozzle systems. This design easily plumbed into the discharge line or directly onto the discharge head using a tee fitting. This regulator maintains set system pressure even when only one of several guns or nozzles is performing or a solenoid valve is open, by-passing the unused flow. The pressure is held in the line during full by-pass and instantly has full pressure, when all guns and nozzle resume operation. 5-10% by-pass is necessary for optimum performance.


• Provides system pressure setting and protection for single or multiple gun applications.
• Compact size allows for easy installation.
• Immediately returns to system pressure when gun opens.
• Color-coded spring for easy valve identification and simple change from one model to another.
• Regulators come standard with NBR O-rings. Alternate O-rings are available for higher temperatures or chemical compatibility.


Technical Specifications
Max Flow 8 gpm / 30 lpm
Max Pressure 1450 psi
Inlet Port Size 3/8″ NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 3/8″ NPT(F)
Accessory Type Pressure Regulators
Material Brass
By-Pass Port 3/8″ NPT(F)


CAT Regulator Model 7080 Data Sheet


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