CAT Pumps Hydraulic Bell Housing, 3CP Series to SAE B4 Motor, Model 76SAEB4.3CP


Hydraulic Bell Housing 

Model: 76SAEB4.3CP

Cat Pumps Hydraulic Bell Housings provide a compact direct mounting feature resulting in reduced space requirements. Hydraulic Bell Housings also eliminate the need for belt selection, sizing, and adjustment. For a complete drive package, combine with Cat Pumps Flexible Couplings designed for extended life in high temp and high RPM conditions.

Model 76SAEB4.3CP Hydraulic Bell Housing adapts to Cat Pumps 3CP plunger pumps and mounts directly to SAE B4 Hydraulic motors. Refer to the data sheet for proper selection and more detailed information.


Optimal alignment reduces side-loading for quiet, trouble-free operation
Compact direct mounting reduces space requirement

Cast from lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy

Ease of assembly reduces fabrication costs

Slotted housing allow easy access to coupler set screws

Available as a complete drive package for fast and
convenient assembly
Designed to fit 3CP, 3 Frame, 5CP, 5 Frame, 7CP and 7 Frame pumps


Technical Specifications
Accessory Type Bell Housings
Description 3CP Series to SAE B4 Motor


CAT Pumps Data Sheet Bell Housing Model 76SAEB4_3CP


Cat Pumps Limited Warranty