Champion Oil Free Dental Air Compressor


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Dental Oil Free Compressors

 When compressed air is used in the dental, health, cosmetics sectors or to operate machinery which cannot be contaminated by impurities, an oil-free Champion compressor is required, our product range offers the following benefits:

  • 100% oil-free
  • Many variants including open frame, silenced cabinet and membrane dryer
  • High reliability
  • Low noise levels
  • High air quality

Champion oil free compressors are available as open frame, silenced with or without on-board membrane dryer. Due to the high quality filtration and drying system Champion oil free compressors are complaint with HTM2022. The silenced cabinet versions (CS) are among the lowest noise level for this technology.

The comprehensive and innovative range of oil free piston compressors feature:

  • Power range from 0.8 to 10 kW
  • Suitable for 1-20 dental chairs
  • Silenced operation on cabinet versions
  • Noise level of 53-78 dB(A)
  • Receiver sizes from 24-270 litres
  • Efficient and improved duty cycles
  • Operating pressure up to 10 Bar
  • Double filtration system to 0.01 microns

Maintenance free membrane dryers to -20°C dew point, in addition, the special internal surface treatment prevents rust generation and air tank corrosion. The installation of a simple automatic drain system reduces the need of periodical ordinary maintenance.

The choice of dental compressor is critical for the correct operating standards of surgeries and laboratories. Actual and future compressed air demand are important questions when making the correct dental compressor choice. The Champion dental compressor range satisfies every need, both from the performance and the investment point of view,  today and tomorrow.



Dental Oil Free