CAT Pumps, Seal Kit Model 34053 for Models 2SF and 2SFX Direct Drive Plunger Pumps


Seal Kit

CAT Pumps Seal Kit 34053 includes High- and Low-Pressure Seals, O-Rings, and Cotterpins, replacement parts for 2SF and 2SFX Plunger Pumps.


Seal Kit Includes:

  • 3 ~ Seals, Low-Pressure with SS-Spring, Part Number: 44876
  • 3 ~ Seals, High-Pressure, (SNG) Special Blend (Buna), Part Number: 43245
  • 3 ~ Cotterpins (M1.6×10), (S) 304 Stainless Steel, Part Number: 14158
  • 3 ~ O-Rings, Adapter, Inner–80D, Part Number: 26089
  • 3 ~ O-Rings, Adapter, Outer–80D, Part Number: 26089

Made of Durable NBR (medium nitrite BUNA-N) rubber unless otherwise specified.



CAT Pumps Data Sheet 2SFX Models Direct Drive Plunger Pumps

CAT Pumps Data Sheet 2SF Models Direct Drive Plunger Pumps

CAT Pumps Service Manual SF Plunger Pumps


Cat Pumps Limited Warranty